About Ellen Poage, ARNP MPH CLT-LANA

Ellen Poage is a nurse practitioner certified by the Lymphedema Association of North America. She began treating lymphedema in 1995. She completed her Master’s degree in Nursing in 2007. Prior to her nursing career, she was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Cameroon, West Africa and later lived in Asia, India and Central America, before moving to Fort Myers in 1989.

Ellen has an evidence-based practice and uses multiple modalities of therapy including vibration, cupping and micro current point stimulation to reduce swelling, fibrosis, pain and increase range of motion for patients after surgery. She recently completed training in Acupuncture and studied Auriculotherapy to add to her therapeutic approaches. Working in close association with a breast surgeon has created a unique opportunity to collaborate and improve early diagnosis and prevention of lymphedema. It is well known that the early recognition of lymphedema and education about the possibility of lymphedema can reduce the long-term complications of surgery and radiation and improve outcomes for patients with breast cancer.

Ellen is active with lymphedema management and research and has written several journal articles for lymphedema management with the Oncology Nursing Society and the American Lymphedema Framework Project. She tirelessly advocates for compression garment funds locally through Lymphedema Resources, Inc and has been to Washington D.C. to advocate for the Lymphedema Treatment Act, a bill to secure Medicare funding for compression garments.

Ellen understands the importance of incorporating a healthy lifestyle with exercise and diet improving patient outcomes. She works tirelessly to improve patient’s overall recovery from surgery to manage lymphedema which is an often overlooked complication of surgery and radiation. She is passionate about improving patient’s overall health and well-being.

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