Blackwell Breast Surgery was established to provide women with comprehensive breast surgical care.

Blackwell Breast Surgery was developed to provide skillful, high quality, custom care for individuals needing surgical breast care. Dr. Lea Blackwell had an additional year of surgical education specific for breast cancer surgery in a Society of Surgical Oncology designated fellowship program. She is the only breast surgery fellowship trained surgeon in the Lee County. She has been working in the community for ten years and is passionate about the surgical care of breast cancer. Performing surgery for over 150 individuals with breast cancer annually. She has worked diligently with other physicians and Lee Health to establish the NAPBC accredited multidisciplinary breast clinic.

A unique element to this surgical practice is the incorporation of survivorship care for breast patients with Ellen Poage providing treatment for lymphedema. The treatment of lymphedema begins with prevention. Lymphedema can occur after surgical intervention for cancer with lymph node biopsy and lymph node dissection. It can also occur in the breast skin with lymphedema of the breast, a common problem after radiation therapy for breast cancer. Collaboration of a surgeon and a nurse practitioner that treats post-operative complications that can be subtle and unrecognized adds to the comprehensive care of the practice.

Our staff members are kind and compassionate; they understand the sensitive nature of breast surgical problems and work to make your experience as comfortable as possible. They make the appointments as quickly as they can and work to organize your surgery and follow up care as seamlessly as possible.

We all are proud to provide excellence in care for breast surgical needs.