My adventure with Doctor Blackwell began two years ago.  It was a confusing, emotional time for me and Doctor Blackwell was my rock from “your mammogram is abnormal” to the diagnosis of breast cancer nearly 3 months later.  Dr Blackwell was so kind and caring and I had (and still have) complete confidence in her.  She immediately put a support team together for me and I met a radiologist and an oncologist, and a plastic surgeon so that should I need them I knew what to expect.  My surgery was 2 years ago and I am feeling strong and healthy.  I am very blessed to have had  Doctor Blackwell take such good care of me. She is truly lovely; she saved my life.

Thankful for the support and caring I experienced.

Laurie C.

“I am a four time cancer survivor, and thank Lea Blackwell, through her remarkable care, for curing breast cancer in my last battle. As most men, I had a hard time believing I would or could develop breast cancer. Dr. Blackwell’s incredible personal spirit, coupled with her superior surgical and medical skills, gave me a wonderful and successful outcome. Looking at me today, it is hard to imagine that I had both surgery and radiation treatments to conquer this disease. I fully support her professionalism and work, and highly recommend her medical services for any one facing this form of cancer.”

Marc Giattini

“I have always considered Dr. Blackwell my surgical angel. She was the bright-eyed, energetic and upbeat angel that I needed during a very difficult time.

When I first got diagnosed, I was in a dark hole and did not know how I was going to see light ever again. I had been married 7 years and had two small children. This was not something I thought I would face at the age of 31. I was overwhelmed with doctor’s appoints and was so nervous during my first appointment with Dr. Blackwell. She walked into the room, looked at me, and she said “I got you”. She hugged me. She smiled. She comforted me. I left that appointment ready to tackle this and optimistic for the future.

I opted for a skin and nipple sparing double mastectomy with reconstruction. I was so nervous on surgery day. I was getting prepped and in walks Dr. Blackwell into the pre-op area. She had a smile on her face. Her bedside manner is something that just can’t be described into words. Even when you know you are facing something difficult, you know that she has your back. Upon waking from surgery, she saw I opened my eyes and rushed over to my bedside. She held my hand and told me everything went well and everything was clean. Again, she had a huge smile on her face, and it makes you feel like you are in this together. It was a victory we shared together and a moment I will never forget.

An example that shows what a true gem Dr. Blackwell is was the day I had my chemo port placed. I, again, was nervous for surgery and it was only a few weeks after my mastectomy surgery so I was still recovery. It was the day before Halloween. I was feeling anxious and started to cry knowing why the port was being placed. Dr. Blackwell held my hand and even sang me songs from Frozen until I fell asleep. She knows that her cases are very emotional and she has a way of calming her patients, which is rare!

With the amazing personality and bedside manner, Dr. Blackwell is what I call a surgical genius. A double mastectomy is a scary surgery. The method that Dr. Blackwell uses and the plastic surgeon she uses in the process left me looking better than I did prior to surgery, which is something that I never would have expected. The scars a minimal and they are hidden on the side on the chest. I have felt confident knowing that others only know that I had surgery if I want them to know by me personally telling them. While I hate that this happened, I feel blessed that I had Dr. Blackwell by my side during the entire process!”

Shannon W.

I was referred to Dr. Lea Blackwell for surgery on a tumor in my right breast.  In our first meeting she explained the excision in some detail and answered all my questions.  Her warmth and caring demeanor gave me confidence that she not only listened to my concerns but took them seriously.  The surgery went well and thanks to her expertise and a new long lasting drug inserted during the operation I experienced NO pain after the surgery, just mild discomfort.  The Blackwell bra kept down the swelling, and I very much appreciated the little pockets for mini-ice packs.  I highly recommend Dr. Blackwell.  She is an outstanding surgeon.

MM Merryfield, Sanibel, FL

As a patient, we put our trust in our doctors to give us the best treatment, information and advice. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.
My journey with Lymphedema began 1 year after pelvic radiation for cancer. My lower ankles, then calves began to swell and ache. This lasted for months and my doctors told me “this sometimes happens”. However, they gave it no name.

As the disease advanced to my entire legs, I did my own research and found the name Ellen Poage. I made an appointment and to my surprise, thinking I would never know what this was or how to deal; Ellen gave me this wealth of knowledge and information. She gave me information on how and showed me how to take care of my legs and the importance of being compliant. She has latest knowledge of equipment and compression care and that was essential

After a lot of “tears and fears”, I found Ellen to be my “go to” person for her knowledge and strength. Ellen is wonderful to work with and is helping me get through this frustrating and painful disease. I could not do it without her!

Cynthia, Naples, FL

Ellen Poage is a Lymphatic Drainage Specialist that is extremely knowledgeable and skilled. She has been a crucial element in the healing process from my breast cancer treatments this past year; radiation (Left chest wall & Right hip), double masectomy, infection and necrosis.

As a therapeutic massage therapist myself, I appreciate her level of expertise, which is at the highest level; excellent.

She has assisted in my continuing recovery resulting from radical damaging cancer treatments; radiation, scarring, immobility & myofascial issues.

Ellen’s style is very gentle.

Anyone that has swelling in ANY limb, pain from surgery or radiation, they should contact Ellen and at least see her for an evaluation.


Vonceil (Vonnie) B., LMT, CMTPT